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How does Findmypriest work!

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Findmypriest has enrolled well qualified purohits across Bengaluru. Purohits have been classified based to their Moola Veda, linguistic ability, skill set and qualification. Finding a purohit is now click away.

Findmypriest also has directory vidwans in the field of astrology, numerology, vaastu, Tarot Card Reading and Music.


Findmypriest offers a wide range of religious services not just at home but also at holy places across the world. Findmypriest offers religious services in association with purohits who have been given exclusive etiquettes training.

Select the religious service you want to perform, select the place, date and time and let us arrange the event for you!

Saamohika (Group) Pooja

Findmypriest conducts saamohika (Group) Pooja to bring the community together and perform religious services.

Findmypriest conducts various pooja and homas such as Chandika Homa, Rudra Homa, Parjanya Sookta Homa, Ashlesha Bali, Kumbha Vivaha

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